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Brookfield CT Route 7 Bypass Now Open

There was a grand opening ceremony this morning to commemorate the long awaited completion of the extension of Super 7 from the Southern end of Brookfield, CT to the Southern end of New Milford.

State Representative David Scribner of the 107th District, serving Bethel and Brookfield put out the following statemtent at 2:30 PM today.

Dear Neighbors, We did it! After many years, a few set backs, and a lot of hard work, the Route 7 Brookfield Bypass is officially open for motorists. I was honored to join Governor Rell and Senator Andrew Roraback for the official grand opening this morning, and am excited that this critical project has finally been completed.

This extension of Route 7 will help alleviate traffic congestion in Brookfield. This is not only a boon to motorists tired of hitting the brake pedal on their way to and from work, it is an important step forward for the business community in Brookfield and making our town more attractive to those who want to open or expand a business here. As the Ranking Member of the General Assembly’s Transportation Committee, as well as a member of the Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee, I have made the Route 7 Bypass a priority during my time in the Legislature. I have been extremely fortunate to be joined in that fight by Senator Roraback, as well as Brookfield’s own Governor Rell. This project will certainly be among the most important legacies of her Administration. Working as a team, we were able to ensure the funding was made available, negotiate obstacles, and see the project through.

As for me I’m on my way out to my Honda Civic to test it out before any potholes develop.

From a Real Estate persepctive this opens up many new opportunities for folks commute to the west or South of Danbury to purchase affordable housing in Brookfield and New Milford.



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