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A Little Good News??

Well, as Thanksgiving approaches, I was trying to think of what I should be thankful for this year.

There are the standard, obvious ones like my family, my health, etc.   What I’m particularly looking for is something that might be some kind of sign that confirms my belief that the economy and the housing market (which clearly is near and dear to my heart) is going to get better soon.

Here’s what I cam up with.

So far, I’ve heard news reports that 3 different corporations (the most recent being Citi) have decided NOT to pay end of year bonuses to execs.

To those of us on “main street” not paying bonuses to execs who have been on board while a company is on the brink of failing, might seem to be no-brainer. Obviously, though, the execs haven’t seen it that way – until now.

Of course, they woudln’t be making this move without the public scrutiny but they made the move nonetheless.

The thankful part, to me, is that whatever the motivation, it seems that if 3 companies have done it, others will have to follow.  This is the first time, in my memory, that there seems to be any acknolwedgement by big corporations that they need to act as if they care about the economy and about the general public.

So maybe – just maybe – there will be other bold moves that corporate America will make to accept some responsiblity and take some action, whatever their reasons for doing it, which might help to turn things around.

Maybe  – just maybe – the plans that Mr. Obama has will be able to work and we’ll see some improvement in the economy in 2009.

Maybe – just maybe – people will be able to sleep at night without worrying about all the economic problems that face America and the world.  Maybe the new Democratic administration will receive some bi-partisan support from both the public and private sector.

So – I guess my thankfulness is really for the hope that I have.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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