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If you work with the market and not against it you can sell your house quickly in today’s market.

You’ll note that one of the listings in my Featured Listings is marked SOLD.  This home was put on the market on 6/11/08.  We had a deposit on 6/16/08 and it is closing today – 7/28/2008.   That’s 40 days from listing to closing.

It’s not that this home was some spectacular, lavish property that buyers drooled over.  It’s not that it was a fixer-upper priced well below the market waiting for someone who is looking to put some “sweat-equity” into it.

It’s a nice modest home in good condition. The reason it sold so quickly is that the client put his faith in his Realtor. He listened to the advice I gave him about market positioning and the other components of my plan.

We did not “give the house away”.  We priced it exactly where it should be in today’s market.

If you’re a regular reader here, you’ve seen me say many times that you have two choices when putting your home on the market.  You can put house in the group of homes that sell – or the group of homes that do not sell.

It’s totally your choice:

Do you want to list your house or do you want to sell your house?

  1. October 9, 2008 at 11:19 am

    I agree with most everything you say. You have to price the home right, just below market value to get it to close fast. It cannot get stale or it will languish.

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