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Bethel – an alternative to the coast!

People who are considering a move into Fairfield County from NY State often have have one distinct impression or the other.

If you are from NY City or Southern Westchester County, you typically think of Fairfield County as being, Greenwich, Stamford, Norwalk, Darien, New Canaan, Westport and the other communities on or close to the Long island Sound.

Folks who live in Northern Westchester or Putnam County think about Fairfield County as being the Danbury Metro area:  Danbury, Bethel, Brookfield, Ridgefield, Newtown, New Fairfield and other neighboring towns.

Those in the first group are beginning to realize that the Northern area is a fabulous alternative to the southern section.

Greenwich and Stamford, for example are lovely towns, but in reality they are part of the NY Metro and will be priced accordingly.  The style of living is very urban or very upscale (can you say Wysteria Lane?) suburban. Now – there’s nothing wrong with any of that – but there is another option.  You can move from NY into Fairfield County and really save some money and move into a life style that is less Metro and more quintessentially “New England-ish”.

Bethel CT is one of the areas that has great home values, a reasonable commute time to parts south and a real old-fashioned style of life that many people are longing for in the 21st century.

The downtown area has sidewalks, no parking meters and an eclectic collection of retailers – not the “touristy” shops that you’ll find in vacation spots like Cape Cod or Mystic, but nice mom-and-pop shops that actually sell things to the folks who live here.

There’s a Pharmacy that is NOT a national chain, a coffee shop where the owner rings the cash register and keeps a personal eye on the kitchen, an ice cream shop where they make their own, premium product daily.  There’s a drive-in hamburger, hot dog, restaurant that has been in continuous operation for 60 years – you can flash your lights and they car-hop will come out and take your order at the car.

There’s a great local public library, next to the teen center which is next to the town hall which sports the great lawn where concerts and events are held throughout the warmer months.

This article from the NY TIMES talks in more detail about the town. It’s a good read.

If you’d like to know more about living in Bethel (I do live there – in case you couldn’t figure that out), just give me a shout.

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