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WHY BUY NOW? THE MARKET IS RIPE WITH OPPORTUNITY – Kate Rossi, Coldwell Banker, President and COO

Plan all you want, but life rarely exhibits perfect timing, especially when it comes to buying or selling a home. Whether you are relocating, simply looking to upgrade, searching for a second home, or are a first-time home buyer, there is a tremendous opportunity for many buyers in today’s market.

Here are the facts:

  • Interest rates are near historic lows
  • Financing is available for qualified buyers
  • There are more homes on the market to choose from than in recent years
  • Home ownership provides you with a tax advantage
  • Buying a home is a sound long-term investment
  • The cost of renting is on the rise

It is true that different housing markets bring different opportunities. For many people, today’s market may be the right time to buy. With a variety of home choices and low interest rates, home shoppers can take their time and find the dream house they’ve always wanted.

Despite the reports, the housing market in Fairfield County is still a strong investment. In fact, data from the Consolidated MLS shows that the average single family home price in Fairfield County is up and the days on market are slightly less, compared to last year during the same time period.* As one of the largest investments you’ll make, the decision to buy a home should be researched thoroughly. Today’s consumer is best-served by being an educated consumer. To successfully navigate the current real estate market and meet your personal home buying needs, a local real estate professional is key to making your dream a reality.

As experts in the local economy, real estate agents can help you evaluate whether or not today’s market is a good time to buy for you. Each person’s situation is different and poses different opportunities. Evaluating your position in today’s market could lead to a home purchase with a record low interest rate at a reasonable price, before the market shifts again. It is imperative that consumers find a reliable source for financing as well. Often times a real estate agent can provide you with invaluable information about the types of loan programs that exist, suggest lenders with proven track records and liaise with a mortgage counselor to monitor the progress of your transaction. This includes the pre-qualification process. A proactive sales associate will help guide you through a positive funding experience, sharing information and educating you along the way.

Remember, markets are always changing. Don’t let the negative hype distract you from the opportunity of home ownership. Ask yourself, does this market present me with an opportunity to make my dream home a reality?

*Consolidated MLS for January 1, through December 7 in 2006 and 2007.

Kate Rossi, President and COO, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

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