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Should you pull your house off the market for the winter?

It has been a common practice in years past that if a house doesn’t sell by early December to withdraw your listing and put the house back on the market in the spring.

The reasons for this are typically emotional – not logical. The idea of strangers traipsing through your home during the winter months sounds very intrusive. Snow and slush are not welcome visitors – and, no matter how many signs you put up, or requests you make, there is always the possibility that the ‘lookers” are not going to remove their shoes or boots when inspecting your home.

In addition, keeping your house ready for showings is, if done properly, a lot of work. You have to make sure the kitchen is clean; all the dirty laundry must be picked up; walks shoveled promptly; toys put away, etc. Even if you are typically very diligent about keeping your home neat and tidy, there is always that extra special touch that needs to be done when a Realtor is bringing a prospective buyer.

Lastly, who wants to be entertaining relatives or friends during a holiday visit and have a Realtor call to say that someone wants to see the house now?

So why not just take a break? Winter is slow for home buying anyway, isn’t it?

Here’s the catch. While there may indeed be fewer lookers during this season, the fact is that those people who are looking are likely to be serious buyers. After all, it’s not any more fun for them going out in the bad weather than it is for you to have them in. So if they’re coming to see your home, they just might be the buyers you want. They might be the ones who will fall in love with your home and make an offer. If you put them off until March or April, they could very easily have found another home by then.

The other thing to consider is that if you are taking your house off now and plan to put it back on in springtime, doesn’t it make sense that a lot of other folks will be doing the same thing? So there you are in March – one of many homes suddenly on the market, increasing the choices for the buyers.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be one of only a few folks who have homes for sale during the next few months? When supply is lower – even a little bit lower – you’ll likely get more for your home.

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